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Speedboost from Sponsorpay that never come  XML
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Joined: 02/02/2012 12:42:37
Messages: 122

Ive been having this problem for a very long time and offers and surveys i did on Sponsorpay has been credited, but it doesnt show on my account, Soon i will get angry since this is * and if i dont get any help, i would have 2 cars free because of this bug/problem!!!

Joined: 04/01/2012 20:09:47
Messages: 1

Yeah its some serious BS ive been emailing them proof for 3 days now still no boost the * bastards keep asking for what I already sent them highly dissatisfied, wouldn't even call it service or support... haha just like EA support.

Joined: 04/05/2012 10:42:27
Messages: 19

The hell with those guys, they owe me over 5000 boost. Sons of witches, definitely one of the worst services I've seen. Can't EA make any good decisions in their life?

I don't like using signatures, though I like the irony in this.
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